Communication Tools and Media Awareness 

Today’s media and social media environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. You and your team can meet that challenge with confidence, authenticity, passion and logic.

How you show and your business show up in the world today has consequences, whether it’s on a mobile app, a social media platform, a Teams or Zoom call, on the news, or in your local newspaper.

It’s hard to keep up. That’s why after forty years in media and communication I’ve been up-skilling, earning certificates in 2021 in Communications and Social Media Strategy from the University of Cambridge and MIT.

I want you to have the advantage of the latest thinking in media awareness, designed to bring forward your message with authenticity, passion, and logic; the foundations of persuasive communication.

Looking for media awareness training for you or your team, a media release, a speech, or even LinkedIn profile improvements or other communication help? Connect at to get started.