Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz is taking the world by donkey. Originally from Nova Scotia, Steve left with his family as a child to move to California.

He attended the University of San Diego, earning a degree in political science, where he met guitarist Robert Driscoll and formed the indie band The Rugburns.

He holds dual citizenship and regularly tours Canada playing folk festivals, music venues, and house concerts.

Steve is best known for a song he co-wrote with Alaskan born artist Jewel, You Were Meant for Me which achieved huge recognition ranking number 20 on Billboard’s All Time Top 100.

His one-man shows are a combination of storytelling and music, laying open his philosophy and satirical social commentary using simple yet innovative songs.

I met Steve 20 years ago when he first played the Economy Shoe Shop in Halifax while touring to support his album One Left Shoe.

poltz3He regularly appears at the Carleton Music Bar and Grill in Halifax, and has developed a strong local following along with a worldwide network of loyal fans.

I hope you enjoy my wide-ranging candid conversation with the brilliantly creative and delightfully weird Steve Poltz.


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  • A very good podcast Jordi, thanks. I first discovered Steve Poltz at Stanfest and have enjoyed his humour, his music and his insights ever since. This particular interview gives a little more insight into his intellect.


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