Don Mills

Don Mills is one of Atlantic Canada’s best-known voices on public opinion and public policy. Don co-founded Corporate Research Associates Inc. (CRA) in 1978 and he remains passionate about his business and his Atlantic Canadian home.

Over the years, he has built CRA into one of the region’s most prominent research firms and its reputation stretches across the country and beyond.

CRA now has a team of 30 research professionals, with offices in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ottawa, and Bermuda.

Don MillsHe recently announced he will be passing the torch to his senior executive team as the end result of a multi-year succession plan.

Don doesn’t shy away from controversy. His analysis of data and conclusions has often challenged the status quo and while from time to time his comments have rankled politicians, his thoughts are always backed up by data.

I met with Don at his offices in West End Halifax. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the forthcoming, frank and well-networked, Don Mills.



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