Bill Carr

Bill CarrI’ve known Bill Carr since the early 90’s when he was doing political commentary on the CBC.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Bill grew up on Prince Edward Island, graduating from Colonel Gray High School where his athletic ability provided a scholarship at Acadia University. As you’ll hear from our conversation, that’s where his career took an abrupt turn, to what would become a life-long passion…the theatre.

His studies in expanded to Philosophy and English followed later by work towards his Masters of Theology at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax.

Over his thirty-five-year career, Bill walked the planks of stages and in radio and television studios across Canada

His wry wit took him to political and cultural commentary and on to the speakers’ circuit and he continues throughout North America speaking and giving workshops and keynote addresses on creativity, communication and living with humour.

Bill and his wife Gola are also deeply involved in restorative justice and he’s a founding partner of the Atlantic Restorative Company, a social enterprise focusing on applying restorative practices to strengthen relationships in business, justice, schools, personal life and all aspects of the community.

He’s recently completed a documentary on the topic and last year published his first book, Acting Up.

He’s also the newly minted president of the Professional Speakers Federation. Bill stopped by my house in Halifax and I began our conversation asking him if he could pinpoint a time when he was young that started him on his path…


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